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Class 7th - English : Lesson 1 – The Markhor

Lesson 1: The Markhor by (Abridged)
Working with the Text
Q1. Where is the Markhor found?
Ans. Markhor is an endangered animal. It is found in high wooded mountains of Northern Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and the Pir Panjal range of India.
Q2. What does ‘Markhor’ mean?
Ans. The name ‘Markhor’ is derived from the two Persian word; mar–a snake and khor–eating. Hence, the name Markhor means ‘snake-eater’.
Q3. What are the dangers that the Markhor faces?
Ans. Human warfare, hunting pressure and increasing disturbances and competition from domestic goats and sheep are threats faced by Markhor. Markhor is facing the danger of extinction. These animals serve as a prey for wolves, leopards and humans. They will vanish from this living world if the conservation efforts are not maintained.
Q4. Why does the Markhor climb cliffs?
Ans. Markhor finds itself safe at high slopes. To protect itself from human hunting it climbs steep cliffs. Moreover, it also enjoys the morning sun and freely grazing there.
Q5. What is the status of Markhor?
Ans. There are about 2000 to 4000 Markhors existing in the wild forests. But it has been classified as an endangered species, means it is in danger of facing extinction in the near future, if conservation efforts are not maintained.
Q6. Give a physical description of the Markhor?
Ans. Physical Description of Markhor:Length: 132 – 186cm / 4.4 – 6.2ft
Height: 65 – 115cm / 2.1 – 3.8ft
Tail Length: 8 –20cm / 3.2 – 8inch
Weight: 32 – 110kg / 70 – 242lb.

Language Work
Make sentences from the given jumbled words:
1. Railway / we / at / meet / will / station / the
Ans. We will meet ate the railway station.
2. Cot / the / is / the / baby / sleeping / on
Ans. The baby is sleeping on the cot.
3. People / slowly / very / walk / old
Ans. Old people walk very slowly.
4. Team / goals/ our / five / easily / by / won
Ans. Our team easily won by five goals.
5. Students / punctual / be / must
Ans. Students must be punctual.
6. Problems / taking / long / are / you / how / solve / to / the / in
Ans. How long you are taking to solve the problems.
7. Garden / flowers / not / do / from / pluck / these
Ans. Do not pluck these flowers from garden.
8. Animals / many / strange / are / there / zoo / the / in
Ans. There are many strange animals in the zoo.
9. Chocolates / child / fond / very / off / my / is
Ans. My child is very fond of chocolates.
10. Boy / has / kidnaped / the / somebody
Ans. somebody has kidnaped the boy.
Grammar Work
You have read in the previous classes about the tenses. Recapitulate the same and fill in the blanks with appropriate tense forms of the verbs and modals wherever necessary.
1. The sun rises (rise) in the east.
2. I will take (take) milk every morning.
Or I am taking (take) milk every morning.
3. Raja is playing (play) the piano.
4. Simran is going (go) to join college next week.
5. Rohit is swimming (swim) in the pool.
6. It is raining (rain) today.
7. Seneen is going (go) home tomorrow.
8. I will do (do) your work on Monday.
Or I am doing your work on Monday.
9. Rafi promises that he is coming (come) the next day.
10. I saw (see) a movie yesterday.
11. He never worked (work) hard and, therefore, failed.
12. The teacher is coming (come) to the class at 10 a.m. sharp.
Or - The teacher came to the class at 10 a.m. sharp.
13. Suhail is looking (look) at the flowers in the garden.
14. He is going (go) to creche every day.
15. She is eating (eat) bread and butter in the morning.
16. He never trusts (trust) me.
Or – He never trusted me.
17. He came (come) with me to my aunt’s place yesterday.
18 He is coming (come) with me to my uncle’s house tomorrow.
19. She wears (wear) a beautiful dress.
20. She has worn (wear) out of fashion dresses.

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