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Class 7th - English : Poem 3 - Abou Ben Adhem

Poem 3 – Abou Ben Adhem
Reading is Fun:
Q1. What was the angel writing in the book of gold?
Ans. The angel was writing the names of those who love the Lord.
Q2. What did Abou ask the angel?
Ans. Abou asked the angel if it had written his name in the book of gold.
Q3. Why did Abou speak in low voice?
Ans. Abou was disappointed on hearing from angel that his name was not written in the book, but he cheerfully spoke to the angel in low voice and asked it to write him as the lover of his fellow men. The angel wrote and disappeared.
Q4. What do you understand by a ‘great wakening light’?
Ans. In the poem, the great wakening light means the light that awakens Abou from his dream with a message of Lord.

Language Work:
A. Write T or F against each sentence in the space provided. If the statement is false, write the correct answer against the space provided and if it is true, put a cross against the space:
1. The room of Abou Ben Adhem is made beautiful by sunlight.      False
The room of Abou Ben Adhem is made beautiful by moonlight.
2. The room of Abou is compared  with the blossoming rose.          False
The room of Abou is compared  with the blooming lily.
3. The angel wrote the names of those whom the Lord love the most.        True
4. The name of Abou appeared at the bottom.          False
The name of Abou appeared at the top leading everyone else.
5. Abou Ben Adhem was sleeping when the angel came to his room.          True
B. Pick out the abstract nouns from the poem.
Ans. Angel, vision, love, peace, dream
B. Form compound nouns from the following words by adding a word to it:
Tooth = Toothpaste/Toothbrush         Swimming = Swimming-pool
Class = Classroom                               Black = Black-day/Black-gold
After = Aftermath                               Fine = Fine-tune
Ice = Icecream/Iceberg                       Pot = Potboy
Dust = Dustbin                                     Snow = Snowman/Snowfall
Good = Goodbye/Goodman                News = Newspaper
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