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Class 7th - English : Poem 5 – Sympathy


Poem 5 – Sympathy
Reading is Fun:
Q1. When the poet was unhappy, who helped him and how?
Ans. When the poet was unhappy, a rich man helped him by giving him the gold.
Q2. When and how did the pay the rich man back?
Ans. When the poet was happy and his sorrow ended, he paid the rich man back, the gold that he had given him.
Q3. How did the poor man show his sympathy to the poet?
Ans. The poor man bound his head and gave him bread, and then he took care of him day and night.

Q4. The poet, could not pay back to the poor man, why?
Ans. The poor man showed sympathy to the poet and sympathy cannot be, paid back like gold or money.
Q5. Why is sympathy, said to be heavenly?
Ans. Sympathy comes from heart. It brings happiness. It could not be, paid back like gold or any other valuable thing. Therefore, sympathy is, said to be, heavenly.
Language Work:
1. Unscramble the words given in brackets and fill in the blanks. The first one is done for you as an, example.
1. Gold is precious metal. (RESPUICO)
2. We must be very kind to the poor (DINK)
3. Sympathy is, considered as heavenly. (LYNHEAEV)
4. Kind people are always helpful. (FLUPLEH)
5. The rich man (CHIRNAM) helped the poet with gold.
6. We must respect our teachers. (RETASHCE)
7. The poor man watched (DAHCEWT) the poet day and night.
2. Write the three forms of verbs from the following verbs:

Present                       Past                 Past participle.
Give                             gave                given
Bind                             bound              bound
Pass                             passed             passed
Speak                           spoke               spoken
Bless                            blessed            blessed
Do                                did                   did
Is                                  was                  was
Are                              were                were
Lay                               laid                  laid
Lie                               lied                  lied
Lie                               lay                   lain 
3. Write an answer of the following questions selecting words from those given:

Honesty                Laziness                  Kindness                 Foolishness              Anger
Cruelty                  Bravery                  Politeness               Strength                   Generosity

1. What quality does a kind man show?
Ans. Kindness
2. What quality does an honest man show?
Ans. Honesty
3. What quality does a foolish man show?
Ans. Foolishness
4. What quality does an angry man show?
Ans. Anger
5. What quality does a cruel man show?
Ans. Cruelty
6. What quality does a strong man show?
Ans. Strength
7. What quality does a generous man show?
Ans. Generosity
8. What quality does a brave man show?
Ans. Bravery
9. What quality does a polite man show?
Ans. Politeness
10. What quality does a lazy man show?
Ans. Laziness
Underline the abstract nouns in the following sentences:
1. Life is full of happiness.
2. Laughter is a good medicine.
3. The rose has a sweet fragrance.
4. Kindness never goes unrewarded.
5. The cruelty of a cruel king made him unpopular.
6. The principal was pleased with the honesty of his staff.
7. Mother Teresa showed kindness to poor people.

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