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Class 7th - English : Poem 6 – To Sleep

To Sleep_English_English_7th_Poem_6

Poem 6 – To Sleep
Reading is Fun:
A. Answer the following questions:
Q1. To whom, is the poem addressed.
Ans. The poem is, addressed to a sick boy who has spent more than two sleepless nights on the sick bed.
Q2. What does the speaker want?
Ans. The speaker wants the recovery from his sickness so that he can enjoy moments of joyous health.
Q3. How many sleepless nights did the speaker have?
Ans. The speaker had more than two sleepless nights.
Q4. What will speaker hear in the morning?
Ans. The speaker will hear the first cuckoo’s melancholy cry in the morning.
Q5. What are the qualities of sleep that the poet appreciates?
Ans. The poet says that the quality of sleep is morning’s wealth, the mother of fresh thoughts and the joyous health.

B. Say whether the following statements are True or False:
a. A flock of sheep hurriedly passes by.          False
b. The speaker has sweet dreams.                 True
c. The speaker will hear the first cuckoo’s melancholy cry in the morning.  True
d. The speaker has three sleepless nights.     False
e. The speaker calls sleep dear mother of fresh thoughts and joyous health.          True
f. The poem is about the necessity of sleep.  True
Language Work:
A. Find the rhyming words in the poem:
Ans. Bees = Seas, lay = day, wealth = health, lie = cry etc.
B. Match the following:

1. An army of
2. A band of
3. A chain of
4. A flight of
5. A herd of
6. A litter of
7. A string of
8. A pride of
9. A team of
10. A hive of
j. Soldiers
i. Musicians
h. Mountains
g. Locus
f. Deer
e. Puppies
d. Camels
c. Lions
b. Horses
a. Bees

C. Match the animals/birds with their cries/sounds:
a. Asses
b. Bees
c. Cats
d. Camels
e. Crows
f. Hens
g. Ducks
h. Eagles
i. Flies
j. Turkeys
k. Wolves
l. Lions
m. Frogs
n. Monkeys
o. Parrots
p. Sheep
q. Snakes
r. Swans
s. Pigeons
13. Bray
10. Buzz
17. Purr
16. Grunt
17. Caw
14. Cluck
12. Quack
11. Scream
18. Hum
8. Gobble
9. Howl
7. Roar
19. Croak
6. Chatter
4. Talk
5. Bleat
2. Hiss
3. Cry
1. Coo

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