Saturday, June 30, 2018

Class 8th - English : Poem 7 - Wrinkles (Arvind)

Q1. How many wrinkles does the poet find on mother’s face?
Ans. If we read the poem carefully, we will see that the poet has used the word “wrinkle” four times and “wrinkles” two times. So we can say that the poet has found four wrinkles on the mother’s face. Since the poet has written the last wrinkle as suppression, so there may be five wrinkles on the mothers face.
Q2. What does the first wrinkle represent?
Ans. The first wrinkle represents the marriage of his mother, when her father got her married and she was separated from her birth home to another’s home where she had to live her entire life with an unknown person.
Q3. What do the second and the third wrinkle represent?
Ans. Second wrinkle represents the time when the child was not born and was in the womb of the mother growing there by sucking every drop of blood in the form of mother’s food.
The third wrinkle represents the time when he sucked the attractiveness of her face by sucking her milk from her breasts.
Q4. What is the poet seeking under the wrinkles of the mother?
Ans. Under the wrinkle of the mother, the poet is seeking a young aged girl who is fond of playing hopscotch and the game of pebbles.
Q5. What are the activities the poet’s mother used to do when she was a girl?
Ans. When the poet’s mother was a girl, she used to celebrate Raade Festival and immerse Raade seedlings in River Tawi. She used to bath during the Navratras and was fond of playing hopscotch and the game of pebbles.
Q6. How does the end?
Ans. The poem ends with poet saying that he will bring colours of Raade, colourful stripes for his mother’s dupatta and colourful pebbles for his mother so that his mother would look like a girl as she was in young age. He wishes to bring the happiness and pleasures of her young age so that she would be happy as she used to be in her young age.

Write the meaning of the following phrases or expression as used in the poem:
Ans. 1. From the backyard                 to separate someone from his/her birthplace or quietly
2. On your blood                                 to feed on the digested food, to make the host of someone.
3. Nourished myself                            to grow or develop own self
4. Took me away                                 to take someone away from the close one or separate someone from dear one.
5. Taking courage                                being courageous
6. Under the skin                                beneath or below age, or feel or see something
7. From across the river                       to a long distance, with hard work.

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