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Media and Democracy - Chapter 8 - Class 7th - Civics

Social and Political Life-Class 7th- Book Cover
Media and Democracy - Social and Political Life Class 7th - Civics
Chapter 8:    Media and Democracy

Q1. Answer the following questions in brief:
(i). Why there is indirect democracy in India?
Ans. There is indirect democracy in India because of its large size and population. Due to this large size and population people have to participate through their representatives in the functioning of the government.

(ii). In what way does the media play an important role in democracy?
Ans. Media play an important role in democracy. Media help people in expression and formation of their opinion and brings the elected representatives on right track. It promotes accountability in public life. It protects the democratic interest of the people.
(iii). What are the objectives of media?
(i). Separation of news from opinion and business interests.
(ii). It should not give one sided account of events.
(iii). Media should provide reports that are based on facts.
(iv). Avoid wrong interpretation and sensationalisation of news.
(iv). Why should there be some limitations on media?
Ans. There should some limitations on media otherwise it will pose a threat to the security, sovereignty, and integrity of the country, friendly relations with foreign countries, public order decency and morality for prevention of contempt of court and deformation.
(v). Give the basic principles of journalism.
Ans. Basic principles of journalism are:
(i). To seek the truth and report as per facts.
(ii). To avoid harm to the society and act independently.
(iii). To be accountable.
Q2. Fill in the blanks:
(i). The people participate through their representative in the function of government.
(ii). It is the media which help people in expression and formation of their opinion.
(iii). Broadly media is divided into print media and electronic media.
(iv). The media promotes accountability in public life.
(v). The media should give only reports that are based on facts.
(vi). Impartiality refers to non favouring one side or the other.

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