Free NCERT Solutions for Class 9th English

Free NCERT Solutions for Class 9th English-JKANSWERS

Click below links for free NCERT Solutions – English 9th -Tulip Series - JKANSWERS


Lesson 1. Packing         Jerome. K. Jerome

Lesson 2. Gulliver in Lilliput-I  Jonathan Swift

Lesson Gulliver in Lilliput -II    Jonathan Swift

Lesson 3. Saint of the Gutters Prof. Neerja Mattoo

Lesson 4. Shaikh Noor-Uddin Wali     Prof. G. R. Malik

Lesson 5. The Fun They Had    Isaac Asimov

Lesson 6. The Tempest-I          William Shakespeare

Lesson The Tempest –II            William Shakespeare

Lesson 7. How a Client was Saved      M.K. Gandhi


Lesson 8. No Men Are Foreign  James Kirkup

Lesson 9. To Blossoms   Robert Herrick

Lesson 10. Beauty         John Masefield

Lesson 11. The Road Not Taken         Robert Frost

Lesson 12. I Cannot Remember My Mother   Rabindra Nath Tagore

Lesson 13. On Killing a Tree     Gieve Patel

Lesson 14. Cart Driver   Padma Sachdev

Lesson 15. To the Cuckoo        William Wordsworth

Lesson 16. Palanquin Bearers  Sarojini Naidu

Lesson 17. The Child’s Prayer  Muhammad Iqbal

Short Stories

Lesson 18. The Adventures of Toto     Ruskin Bond

Lesson 19. Moti Guj-Mutineer  Rudyard Kipling

Lesson 20. Old Man at the Bridge      Ernest Hemmingway

Lesson 21. The Last Leaf          O. Henry

Lesson 22. The Happy Prince   Oscar Wilde


Lesson 23. A basketful of Sea Trouts  Neil Grant

Lesson 24. If I Were You          Douglas James


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I am searching for English Guide for 9th.....not textbook

Shafiq Ahmad Naik said...

Dear, The links provided above are only solutions/answers of the lessons of class 9th English. Just click on the links underlined and will get the solutions. Thanks.

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I am searching for poems but it is not opening. 😣😣

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Respected mentor.
I m searching the solutions of poetry. But it proved out of luck. If possble ,plz assist me.

sahi Showkat Pandit said...

Respected sir i have completely study all these topic but plz sir kindly provide us answer of other remaining topics i,e Poetry section and short stories we are eagerly waiting bcoz yet these topics are not avaiable